Do you find it hard to talk to people?

Does anxiety take over you?

Maybe you turn red and start to sweat?

Maybe you pep talk yourself in your head?

Well, I do ALL the above.

I mean my redness and sweaty armpits were a lot worse when I was a kid…

But even as a grown adult, some conversations make me feel like how I felt when I was in the school cafeteria.

Over the years  I’ve been able to come up with my own go-to strategies on how I can easily talk to people.

These strategies make it 10x easier to strike up conversations and create opportunities for myself that I wouldn’t have had if I let my nerves take over me.

So here are my 5 Ways You Can Talk To Anyone If You’re A Creative Introvert:


    • My favorite and easiest tip that positively opens up the floor for conversation is complimenting someone. It makes you feel good, makes them feel good, and breaks the ice! You can pick whatever you want from their hair or nails, to their smile or bow-tie. I do this ALL the time.

    • When you wear something that stands out, you automatically draw attention. This makes it easier to talk to people because half the time they will approach you and implement my first strategy on you! It could be your hair, your jewelry, your socks, or your outfit! Be a gangSTAR* and wear something gangSTAR* CREATIVE!

    • People love talking about themselves, so just ask them questions! Where are you from? What brought you to this event? Who do you know here? What are you most exciting about right now?

    • Don’t be a taker in the conversation, be a giver! Find out what they’re working on, or what their biggest challenge is right now. Are able to help them? Can you connect them with someone? Do you have knowledge that can solve their problem? Figure out what their needs are and how you can be giving towards them.

    • Please don’t ask to pick their brain. Nobody wants their brain picked. But it’s okay to stroke their ego and ask for their advice, guidance, or expertise on some things. Tread lightly and don’t take up too much of their time. Make sure to thank them for being so helpful and if there’s anything you can do to return the favor.

Let me know if this helps you!

Cheers to annihilating the status quo of the starving artist!