OH EM GEE! IS THIS FOREAL!? *pinches self*

I’m super stoked to finally launch my personal brand and the home base for gangSTAR* CREATIVES!

If you know me…you’re probably like, “Wait…. I thought this was where you sold your art?”

If you don’t know me, even better, just know that I used to show and sell my art here.

But don’t worry, my art store has moved to artbydevona.com, but won’t be relaunched until April/May (stay tuned!).

So what the hell have you been doing?

Over the past year or so, I’ve kinda been on a hiatus with my art stuff. This is mainly because I made the decision to put a pause on painting and put my all into my husband and I’s branding and creative boutique, Strive & Grind.

So long story short:

  • In March 2015, we moved from the east coast to the sunny San Diego, CA
  • We both went to amazing entrepreneur events
  • Invested thousands of dollars into ourselves and businesses
  • Hired a business coach
  • Created an amazing network of entrepreneurs
  • Gained mentors
  • Tirelessly built our business
  • I decided to put painting to the side for the short term
  • In March 2016, we both put in our two weeks to quit our day jobs and became full time entrepreneurs! (YAY 😀 )
  • More amazingness happend
  • We built Strive & Grind to a 6 figure biz in less than a year
  • I co-authored a book
  • We got featured in press and podcasts
  • We spoke on stages
  • And Strive & Grind is now a growing biz and we’ve already made 80% of last year’s revenue in the first quarter alone

Phewww! Now here I am! Back and ready to kick ass in art and the creative world!

DevonaStimpson.com is a place for me to grow as a creative leader and influencer, and it’s also a place for creative entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses.

This is why I created gangSTAR* CREATIVE – a movement, lifestyle, belief system, web show, and everything in-between for badasses who are creative, like to have fun, want to make an impact in the world, value their work and talent, and don’t settle for less than absolute greatness. gangSTAR* CREATIVES are artists, writers, dancers, builders, designers, and everything in-between. I will be doing video interviews with gangSTARS* who are killin’ it in the creative industry to provide you with guidance, tips, tactics, and inspiration. And it won’t be your typical high-level bullshit. I plan to get down to the nitty gritty and provide you with the inside scoop to how they successfully run their businesses and lives. I’ll also be writing and creating videos sharing my tactics and experience as a creative entrepreneur.

I’m also on a mission to annihilate the status quo of the “starving artist.” There’s wayyyyyyyyy to many creatives in the world undervaluing themselves and settling for less than they deserve. Creatives aren’t being provided with the necessary tools to survive their craft and grow a business. But creatives also aren’t equipping themselves with the right mindset and aren’t doing whatever it takes to make it in this world.

I also want to bridge the gap between the “starving artist” and how society negatively impacts the creative industry. I truly believe creative work and talent is a priceless commodity that EVERYONE should value and take pleasure in. Society envies creative talent, but rarely values it. It’s instinctual to not want to pay for art or creative work. It’s also instinctual to suppress one’s creativity. There’s a cause and effect between creatives and society, and this twofold issue is just a continuous cycle that continues from generation to generation. Now, I’m not saying everyone claims the “starving artist” title or undervalues creative work, but sadly, majority do and I want to put a dent in this phenomenon.

I want to impact the lives of a million creatives all over the world through the gangSTAR* CREATIVE web show alongside my speaking, coaching, videos, and writing.

If you’re a gangSTAR* CREATIVE, I want you to know that I love you, appreciate your talent, and absolutely believe in you!

And if you’re not.. that’s okay.. I still love you and all that other stuff 😛

I created my personal brand and the gangSTAR* CREATIVE movement because like you,

I want to see change..

I want to see more creatives making good money off their work…

I want society to value our work…

I want creatives to become confident…

I want creatives to learn more about running a business…

I want there to be more resources available to creatives so they know their dreams are possible,

I want the world to tap into and express their creativity…

And so so much more…

So if you’re a gangSTAR* CREATIVE and you’re down for the cause, help me spread the word…

Join the movement

Use the hashtag #GANGSTARCREATIVE when you’re being a gangSTAR*…

And continue being a badass!

Let’s keep the conversation going.

I’m here for you, and there’s a lot of work to do….so lets do this thang! 😀

.. Comment below if you’re with me!

Keep it gangSTAR*!