Anthony Rose is an artist and experiential art curator working with the world’s most expressive artists and commercial art collectors at United By Design. He is the founder and executive director of United By Design (UXD), an art agency that elevates physical and digital spaces with murals, sculptures, and installations for brands and businesses like Chevron, Gensler, and the Houston Astros.

Anthony is co-founder of Satellites Art Project, an initiative documenting the connective beauty of art and technology during moments of physical isolation and distance. Anthony is also an active contributor to nonprofits around the nation like Good Measure, TEDxSanAntonio, and the Prison Entrepreneurship Program.

You can follow Anthony on Twitter, get professional on LinkedIn, connect on Clubhouse or view some recent interactions on Instagram. Of course, if you’d like to work together or invite him to speak, feel free to contact Anthony via email.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • How Anthony got into doing artwork
  • His experience painting murals before transitioning into graphic design
  • How he made the transition from freelancing to building his art agency
  • His thoughts on how to price your services
  • How to build connections with commercial clients
  • What his biggest mistake in business was
  • And so much more!

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