Lizzie Snow is a visual artist originally from New Zealand, working under her artist name ‘fortyonehundred’. Inspired by fractals in nature, Lizzie creates contemporary explorations of the mandala and free flowing artworks.

The mediums Lizzie engages in include original artworks, internationally commissioned murals, limited edition prints & collectables, and collaborations with brands and artists worldwide such as Lululemon, Converse, Peugeot, Blunt Umbrellas, TopShop, AllBirds, Whittaker’s and more.

With a master’s degree in Fine Arts, a Bachelor of Design degree and over 100,000 followers online, Lizzie continues to grow her artist brand and business while inspiring the world with her captivating artworks.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • How she started her art career at age 18 while attending college
  • A few of her embarrassing moments
  • One of the biggest mistakes she made in her art business
  • How she was able to land big clients
  • How she prices her artwork and services
  • The keys to being a successful artist
  • And so much more!

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