Let’s welcome Laurence back to the show!

Inspired by successful Entrepreneurs, Artists and Entertainers, Laurence paints vibrant portraits of some of the most influential people who have helped shape the world we see today.

Having always been fascinated by understanding what it takes to achieve success  and the individual motivations behind it, Laurence paints figures who have inspired others and his own success.

His work focuses on capturing the entrepreneurial spirit, hard work, dedication and persistence required to achieve whatever it is you want from life.

Laurence is a self taught artist who continues to produce unique paintings with a positive message.

He currently has a solo show/residency running at South Place Hotel in London until April 29th!

In this episode, we discuss…

  • Thoughts on whether artists should get their own studio
  • Story behind how he got to collab with Rolls Royce
  • How he partnered with Hobbycraft
  • Different ways he’s been building and connecting with his audience
  • Everything about his new residency at South Place Hotel in London
  • And so much more!

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