I wanted to share my journey of how I became a full-time entrepreneur so you can get to know me better ๐Ÿ™‚
I always love hearing other people’s backstory because everyone’s journey is so different and inspiring. So I hope this episode inspires you in some way and pushes you to keep going after your goals and dreams. I shared a condensed version of my story on my Instagram. So if you want to check that out or see photos and visuals that go along with my story, just click “My Story” in my highlights!

In this episode, I discuss…

  • How I got into graphic design
  • How a bump in the road became blessing in disguise that helped me discover my love for painting
  • Why we started Strive & Grind and how we pivoted from a blog to a branding agency
  • How I fell into a depression during the success of Strive & Grind and how I got through it
  • How an art show made me angry and gave me the idea to create gangSTAR* Creative
  • And so much more!

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