Roxy Prima and Phoebe Cornog are the co-founders of Pandr Design Co. which is a boutique design agency specializing in murals in Southern California. Working in a wide variety of mediums and methods, they tailor their work to any brand strategy. They are known for their bold, unapologetic statement pieces and have worked with companies such as Visa, Target, the Minnesota Vikings, the Phillies, Lululemon, and Tilly’s to name a few.

They are also passionate about teaching other creatives to run a successful business. Through their online resources, classes, webinars, and talks, they help give creatives the tools they need to run six figure business.

In 2019, they started a nonprofit organization, called Ladies Who Paint, that is dedicated to empowering female artists. Each year they host a mural festival in San Diego where they fly 10 female artists from around the world for a once in a lifetime trip to install a large scale mural.

They also run the podcast Drunk on Lettering where they interview creatives over cocktails each week.

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