Sarah Stieber says she’s a color-obsessed painter with healthy self esteem and terrible sense of direction. She’s wanted to become an artist for as long as she can remember and has been striving and thriving in pursuit of her passion for the past decade.

She spent the summer after Junior year in High School studying figure drawing in Italy and her teacher encouraged her to pursue art in college. She majored in painting at Boston University and had the opportunity to return to Italy to study abroad. In her Venice art studio she shined colored lights on her model and created her first “Electric Realism” painting, a style that has informed her work ever since. In Boston and Italy her peers and teachers always said that her paintings screamed “California!”, so upon graduation she returned home to San Diego to pursue art in the place that inspired her early work.

Now she create celebratory paintings out of her San Diego art studio exploring themes of social justice, resilience, and joy. Every painting has a story, and she likes to produce films and curate exhibitions and installations (mostly covered in rainbows) to spark dialogue and offer more insight into her work.

Her paintings have been showcased at the Oceanside Museum of art, the Wausau Museum of Art, and in art galleries from London to Australia. She was a featured artist At Spectrum Miami and was named by CBS On Mogul as one of “15 Female Artists You Need to Know from Miami Art Week”. And over the past few summers she has hosted “Stieber Summer Gallery”, an interactive pop up art gallery in San Diego.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • How Sarah became an artist
  • What it’s like to study art abroad
  • How to create opportunities for yourself and ask for what you want
  • The crazy pitch that got Sarah into Art Basel
  • How to go about pricing your artwork
  • How she pre-sold a series of uncreated artwork
  • Who makes up her team and what roles they play in her business
  • And so much more!

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