In light of recent events, I thought it’d be great to use my platform and have a discussion with my black husband, Kevin Stimpson, about everything going on. These past few weeks have been emotionally and mentally stressful and draining for both of us. We both have been working on our businesses while also spending a ton of time talking to and educating non black people, posting to social media, doing research, and so much more.

I originally planned to release this episode the end of last week, but I just didn’t have time or energy to do so.

On Saturday (6/6/20) we marched with 7,000 people for 6 miles in downtown San Diego, Ca… and it was POWERFUL and PEACEFUL! So much positive change has happened already as a result of the protests, uproar, and even riots. I’ve never seen soooo many non-black people standing up and with the black community, as well as doing so much self work and reflecting.

This is a new civil rights movement. And I’m so proud to be on the right side of history for my future kids and future generations. #blacklivesmatter

In this episode, we discuss…

  • The whirlwind that’s happening as a result of George Floyd’s murder
  • Racism and the kind of racism we’ve experienced
  • Being a black man in America
  • What Black Lives Matter means
  • Stories from real American Black History
  • How to talk about what’s going on
  • What actions you can take to support the black community

Resources & Links:

  • Do your own research, find organizations to donate to, donate to bail funds, call a black friend, self reflect, do the work!

Social Media & Links: