Kristine Mirelle’s life journey has been an interesting variety of adventures. From working in a tortilla factory in her childhood, to traveling 6 continents performing and sharing her music, her love for life and exploration has given her a multitude of stories and lyrics to share with the world.

We could go on about her talents and accomplishments, like how she performs 250+ shows a year or won 4 consecutive national piano competitions. She’s hit not only the club circuit of Los Angeles, but also entertained high rollers in Vegas at spots like Palms, the Mirage, Wynn Las Vegas, and is in especially high demand at private events for the NFL, Porsche and many more!

To fully understand Kristine Mirelle, however, it’s worth digging a little deeper. From her hometown of Roswell, NM, she has also displayed a knack for entrepreneurship and benevolence. Her “Lil Kristi’s” line of Mexican food can be found in Whole Foods, Sprouts, and more than 100 stores in New Mexico, while appearing on various cooking shows!

Perhaps most importantly, Kristine actively volunteers in countries around the world performing and teaching music. From special education centers in Thailand to AIDS stricken communities in Africa, it’s part of her mission statement to counteract suffering of the world with the joy of music.

Kristine is currently working on her new project “Spanglish” where she is revisiting the sounds of her Latin upbringing. She also creates resources and courses to help artists take charge of their own music careers independently. Find more info at

In this episode, we discuss…

  • How Kristine got into music
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone and going after your goals
  • Different ways to make a living with your music
  • Record deals vs going Independent
  • How Kristine created a tortilla chip company
  • How she balances being a mom, musician, business owner, and educator
  • How she got on X Factor and what her experience was like
  • And so much more!

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